Monday, February 23, 2015

Canon PowerShot G7 X MP4 to DaVinci Resolve 9, iPhoto, Kdenlive, Keynote?

Once you get some H.264 MP4 reordings from Canon PowerShot G7 camera, have you ever tried to further edit them in some editing tools such like DaVinci Resolve 9, iPhoto, Kdenlive and Keynote, etc? Here in order to smoothly help you import G7 MP4 files in these editing tools for editing, we can give you some better solutions.

The PowerShot G7 X is a premium high-performance camera that puts exciting and impressive capabilities in a sophisticated, compact package. PowerShot G7 X is selfie-ready with a high-resolution multi-angle capacitive 3.0-inch touch panel LCD. So in this way, if you recorded many MP4 videos via Canon G7 X, you may want to edit Canon PowerShot G7 X 1080p MP4 videos, right? But the questio is how? 

After searching online, we know these several editing programs thouth cannot support the MP4 formats, they can accept the MOV well. Now, what we need to do is converting MP4 to MOV. Also, we have found the best Pavtube Video Converter for Mac can do us a big favor. Not only for MP4, but also for other high definition video formats such like MXF in DaVinci Resolve? Join us to know more lessons of how to work it well with MP4 files.

Step 1. Import Canon G7 X Video clips 
Install and run this professional MP4 Video Converter for Mac as a Canon PowerShot G7 X Video Converter, Click 'Add File' to load your Canon G7 X footages for converting.

Step 2.Choose the suitable MOV as output 
Just come to the output list, here we are going to suggest you to choose the ‘HD Video’>>’H.264 HD Video (*mov); as the best suitable one. 

Step 3. What is differs from other similar converting programs, we can also find the ‘Merge into one file’ to combine our files together. You can take the following screenshot as the good reference.

At the end of this conversion, we need to go back to the main interface to tap the ‘Convert’ button to start our work. With such easy and fast workflow, are you still worrying about how to edit your Canon PowerShot G7 X MP4 in DaVinci Resolve 9, iPhoto, Kdenlive, Keynote? Let’s move on!

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