Monday, May 11, 2015

How to Play Sony AX30 4K XAVC S Files on QuickTime?

Summary: To most people, they may not familiar with the 4K XAVC S format, and don’t know how to play Sony AX30 4K XAVC S files on QuickTime smoothly. In this article you will know how to convert 4K XAVC S files to QuickTime best supported format for playing easily and freely.

Over 30% smaller and 20% lighter than the preceding FDR-AX100, the FDR-AX30 is the most mobile 4K camcorder on the market. Boasting extensive manual controls for customized video settings, it is also intuitive and simple to operate, so you will never have to fiddle with complicated controls.

“A problem arose when I tried to import 4K XAVC S files to QuickTime for playing. It won’t work at all. I’ve done some tests looking for a (free) conversion software for XAVC S to QuickTime MOV. I tried some native Mac apps like Compressor, MPEG Streamclip, and Toast. None worked. The sample I did my test was from the Sony AX30. Anyone have any other solutions?”

The reason QuickTime does not allow importation of Sony AX30 4K XAVC S files for playing is that QuickTime does not support 4K XAVC S files format. Consequently, for native importation of Sony AX30 4K XAVC S files to QuickTime, it is highly advisable to first convert 4K XAVC S files to Mac with appropriate codec QuickTime MOV for editing application with Pavtube Video Converter for Mac. With the recent upgraded version, it can encode/decode H.265/HEVC videos so nicely.


How to play Sony AX30 4K XAVC S files on QuickTime?

Step 1: Click “Add video” button on the top side to open the file browser window and pick your Sony AX30 4K XAVC S files. You can also drag and drop files to the main interface of this best program.
Tips: You can add multiple files to the queue and convert them all at one time.

Step 2: Here, you need to choose what you want the output to be. Click “Format” drop-down list, and then select “Common Video>>MOV-QuickTime (*.mov)” as output format for playing on QuickTime Player.

Step 3: It’s optional to edit video files before converting. If you want to do some edit work, just hit the clip first, and then click “Edit selected task” button. As it’s shown to us, the edit function is sufficient for you to make your videos wonderful.

Step 4: Click “Convert” button on the bottom of the screen to start 4K XAVC S to MOV conversion process in Mac Yosemite. The amount of time it takes will vary based on your system’s hardware and the quality settings you selected.

Conclusion: Do you follow the step and successfully put Sony AX30 4K XAVC S files on QuickTime Player? I believe it solves your headache problem. Enjoy shooting lived moments with your Sony AX30 and sharing splendid events with the person you love.

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