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MP4 to AVI Converter- Convert/Render HD MP4 video to AVI format

The following tips tell you how to easily convert HD MP4 videos to AVI on Windows with Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate- the best HD MP4 to AVI Converter.

You may got kinds of HD MP4 video files on you PC and want to any video editing software for editing or media player for playback; it will end in fail in most cases as below:

Hello, I just shot my first few clips on the Hero2 HD camera. My issue is this. I need to 'down' convert the HD mp4 clips to SD size for editing on an SD edit platform. Ideally I need to convert the clips to a lossless AVI - but not HD. Just wondering if anyone can suggest a good software that will do it?  I tried CineForm but it seems to output AVI's in the same frame size as the source clip. Any assistance would help. I did have a quick search on the forum but couldn't see anything that helped. Many thanks.

I think I am almost there! Can I/Should I render MPEG 4 footage out to AVI? I ask because I may render 1-2 times before final project completion. When I shot SD, I could render 1-2 times to AVI without losing quality. If not AVI is there a different "wrapper" that will allow me to accomplish this? I assumed if I rendered 1-2 times to MPEG 4 I would lose quality with each render?  I understand there are many ways to ingest and edit, but I would like to initially stick with my workflow as I experiment with other NLE's, etc. I am so close I can taste it.......

Input: 1280x720 MP4 (80MB). Output: 720x404 AVI (200MB)! How can this be? I know that MP4 has better compression, but the downscaling from HD to SD should make the sizes about even. Why did it increase so dramatically?

The HD video in MP4 format with MPEG-4/H.264 encoding keeps the quality high , but there is a question when playing & editing HD mp4 files on Windows PC. Nowadays many program didn't accept HD MP4 files, that is why you cannot import and play HD MP4 video smoothly. So to get HD MP4 well supported on Windows, you need to convert HD MP4 to AVI format which is adopt by most movie editor and media players, like Windows Movie Maker, any version of Sony Vegas, VirtualDub, etc.

Software you need: Pavtube HD Video Converter

This software will help you can convert HD MP4 to AVI with perfect quality and fast conversion speed. What's more, it is the ideal conversion tool that offers several editing functions like cropping video dimension, trimming file length, adjust playing effects, etc. The converted AVI videos are well supported by mobile phones, different portable devices, media players and editing programs. It can deal with variety of hd video, blu-ray, and dvd movies. CUDA acceleration will give you faster conversion speed.  Following is our workflow. 

Step-by-step guide of converting HD MP4 to AVI format with the best MP4 to AVI Video Converter.

Step1: Load HD MP4 files in MP4 to AVI video converter.

Install and run the best HD MP4 to AVI video converter. Click the "Add video" button to import your HD MP4 files for later converting and editing. You may load more than one file, for the HD MP4 to AVI video converter will merge them in one by clicking the small pane before “Merge into one file”.

Step2. Choose AVI format for output.

Click format column and choose best video format for output. To convert MXF to AVI format, if you want to get common AVI files for playback, you can choose Common Video -> AVI MSMPEG-4-V3 (*.avi); if you want to get HD AVI files to use, you can choose HD Video -> AVI HD Video (*.avi).

Step 3. Edit the HD MP4 files.

Click "Edit"button to start the editing. In the editing box, you can crop the black edges, trim the videos, add the text, images, videos you want in the original videos, adjust the effect. After finish these editing, click “OK”.

Step 4. Convert HD MP4 to AVI format.

Look at the big "Convert" button and click it to start HD MP4 to AVI conversion. With the CUDA technology, you can transcode HD MP4 files to AVI at a fast speed. After conversion, you can use HD MP4 files as you want.

After conversion, launch Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere Pro, and other applications, import your .avi files into them and or transfer them to your portable devices or media players for watching. This is our workflow on rewrapping HD MP4 to AVI, hope this helps.

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