Friday, January 13, 2017

How can I open DVD files on Windows?

Many people will meet the problem that open DVD movie on Windows, there is too many ways to do. Following will provided some ways to solve it.

Windows supported media formats is based on file types supported by system-attached Windows Media Player. You can use Windows Media Player to open your DVD files. Most of us to open DVD files on Windows Media Player like this:

1. Insert the disc you want to play into the drive.

2. Open Windows Media Player, and then, in the Player Library, select the disc name in the navigation pane.

However, sometimes it shows an error message as below. Because DVD protection schemes/region codes or on Windows without requiring additional DVD codes. You can download a DVD decoder to solve it.


Maybe you don’t want to install any decoders and also just can decode DVD online. In view of its low security and easily affected by network speed when you are decoding a huge DVD file, it’s not a wise choice.

A third software: VLC Media Player (Windows 10&Windows8)

The easiest way to play DVDs in Windows 8 or Windows 10 is by installing a third-party DVD player. Like VLC media player. It’s free, and after you install it, you’ll be able to play DVDs in VLC. You just need to choose your Disc and open it.


From above ways, Microsoft makes playing DVDs a little confusing, as some versions of Windows include support, while other versions do not. Finding a Professional software which can support any DVDs to play on any Windows versions or any players on Windows. this confusion will be solved by Pavtube ByteCopy, It will be your good assistant.

Play DVD on Windows with Pavtube ByteCopy
Pavtube ByteCopy is easy to operate with an friendly interface. You just need to open it, then click the ‘File’to choose your DVD, DVD will be imported into it, you can enjoy your DVD at the ByteCopy right window directly.

I’ve always used Pavtube ByteCopy to deal with issues about DVD for a long time.There is many reasons for me to choose it. I want to share Pavtube ByteCopy with you.

Firstly. Some uses may have used online decoder and found some video or audio parameters which are needed to choose by yourself. If you don’t know which parameters is best for a video or audio, how to do? ByteCopy can help you. It automatically can rip and decode any protection DVD with 100% audio and video quality. You just need to click with your mouse, a perfect video will be ready smoothly. ByteCopy is very comprehensive. It also provides numerous video and audio parameter settings for you to alter video or audio parameters by yourself if you want to edit it. You can be the master of video or audio.

Secondly. It allows you to select multiple video, audio of the DVD to be converted into the MKV, MP4, MOV, and AVI container formats for playing on popular Windows players, such as Windows Media player, RealPlayer, VLC Media Player, Quicktime, KMPlayer and so on or other devices.  

Thirdly. ByteCopy can not only convert files from your hard drive to almost any format, you can also convert abundant DVDs at the same time with fast speed and stability. You must can’t wait to know this powerful software, click here to bring you to the ByteCopy world.

Free download and buy ByteCopy

Here is the top 5 popular Windows players list for your reference. As Windows Media player for example to show you the ByteCopy operation.


How to Rip and Convert DVD to WMV Video Format

Step 1. Import your DVD files 

First, you will insert your DVV to your PC driver, then open ByteCopy (If you download the free version, please click ‘’Trial’’), Then click ‘’File’’, choose ‘’Load From disc,’’ the software can automatically detect the main title of the DVD. And before the conversion, you can choose desired subtitle and forced subtitle.

 load DVD

Step 2. Choose output format and location

Click ‘’Format’’ to choose video format: WMV, then click ‘’Browse’’ to choose save location. 


As we said above, you click ‘’Setting’’ can set the video and audio parameters. For example, you want to alter the’’ Size’ to ‘’1280*720’’ or alter ‘’Channels’’ to ‘’stereo’’.

Step 3. Click the ‘’Convert’’ button to start converting. Waiting for a moment, when it shows 100%, you can click ‘’Open output folder’’ to find your DVD, then enjoy DVD on Windows.  

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